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My new etsy Store – Check it out Artful Junk Trunk










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Welcome all you Sassy girls! Stay tuned for lots to come –  I  have lots to post and share!!

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Crumpler Time

Whoohooo I finally decided and it is ordered! I so cannot wait till it arrives!
I ordered my crumpler and from in Canada too! So I should have it next week!

I got the purple (doesn’t look purple to me!)

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2007 Goals

My goal is to scrap! I would like to complete more pages and my other goal is to clean my house and get my life organzined and throw crap out!1. Get a REBEL
2. Get a Crumpler Bag for my Rebel
3. Get a OTT Light
4. Gain 5 pounds
5. Throw out 2 garbage bags of clothes
6. Scrap 100 PAGES
7. Scrap 50 Cards
8. Alter 20 items
9. Buy a nice shelf for my suplies with doors
10. Take more pictures!

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Sweetheart – this is what my son Antoni calls me everyday! Oh sweetheart can you do this for me!! He is just so cute when he says this, he uses this soft sweet voice.

Choo Choo – Is what My youngest son Dumitru gets called everyday, by everyone. I dunno why it syuck,daddy started calling him this!

Boogers – This is what we called my son Antoni when he was younger – sometimes it is just PUNK now!!

BABE – thats what i called Cos forever. nothing special

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My Simple Pleasures

My simple pleasures that make my day that much better:


** My morning coffee YUM YUM (today is hot choc) I enjoy to sit down in the am and check my emails and read the message boards! Nice way to relaxe and wake up slowly.

** My vanilla body wash that only comes from AVON – love to have my shower and use this it smells so frsh and sweet!! LOVE VANILLA!!!

**ALL MY ONLINE FREINDS – they are always there for anything I need and always listen when I need to vent! THANX! you know who you are!

**When my son tells me I am the best mommy and thanks for cooking this great super! Your kids can make you feel so special in a way no one else can! love that!

**Scrappy mail of course!!! Love to get any good mail for ME! Doesnt matter to me if it is a envelope, a box, a RAK anything is all GOOD!

**When cos thinks of me for no reason and brings flowers, or scrap mags, anything without me asking is always nice!

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5 Goals for me

I have to think hard for goals! lol I think i will do a list of realistic things so i feel good and might actually get them done lololol

1. 2 boxes of clothes…………I would like to clean out my closet and throw out at least another 2 boxes of clothes! I don’t even know where these clothes all come from! I don’t even wear alot of them! So a min of 2 boxes!!

2. The change……………….To save all my change all year!! I have a huge jar we are saving for vacation! I guess i better start putting 100.00 a month away for scrapfest 2007! Cause I really want to meet my friends on the east side of me!!

3. Make my bed………………. in the morning when I get up, I never seem to get the bed made unless i do it right away! You know I have millions of things i have or want to do and seems to always get put aside!!! So as long as i do it ASAP it should get done!!!

4. Start My book………… of romania vacation – I have yet to scrap any pages of the pictures and would really like to get a good start before 2007 rolls along! I am hoping to have 15 pages started!! I am thinking 8.5×11 Landscape will be the album size! what u think??????

5. My camera………………. discover a way to get a new camera – maybe a rebel!!! maybe is a am good Santa Cos will bring me one????

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