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5 Goals for me

I have to think hard for goals! lol I think i will do a list of realistic things so i feel good and might actually get them done lololol

1. 2 boxes of clothes…………I would like to clean out my closet and throw out at least another 2 boxes of clothes! I don’t even know where these clothes all come from! I don’t even wear alot of them! So a min of 2 boxes!!

2. The change……………….To save all my change all year!! I have a huge jar we are saving for vacation! I guess i better start putting 100.00 a month away for scrapfest 2007! Cause I really want to meet my friends on the east side of me!!

3. Make my bed………………. in the morning when I get up, I never seem to get the bed made unless i do it right away! You know I have millions of things i have or want to do and seems to always get put aside!!! So as long as i do it ASAP it should get done!!!

4. Start My book………… of romania vacation – I have yet to scrap any pages of the pictures and would really like to get a good start before 2007 rolls along! I am hoping to have 15 pages started!! I am thinking 8.5×11 Landscape will be the album size! what u think??????

5. My camera………………. discover a way to get a new camera – maybe a rebel!!! maybe is a am good Santa Cos will bring me one????

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