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The first half of ourl ives is ruined by our parents,and the second half by our children.

Clarence Darrow

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I met my friend Nina in 1991 and we been friends since. We did many BAD BAD BAD things through highscool (teenage years – hahahahaha) Well we don’t chat as often as we should – but heck if something important happens, the phone will ring! We can talk and it just like yesterday!! Anyways she sent me this email the other day and it made me LAUGH so HARD!! I forgot about the red dinosaurs but as soon as soon as I read the email IT WAS like I was there yesterday!!! I wonder if she still has all those notes we wrote in highschool!!! Hahahaha!NINA KICKS ASS!!!!

Hi there Miss Rhea, I have not talked to you in a very berry long time. I even missed your b”day! I have to be the worst friend ever. I missed meghans too. We are getting old right. I am going to be moving to Vancouver in September. Hopefully that will all work out good. I think it will be a nice change and I can finish school that way and then I can work on coming back here once I get my Bacholors. I really do like it here. My aunt thinks I will meet and marry an American when I am back in Canada. That would be funny. What is new with you? I hope you are doing good and how are your sweet lil boys? Probly not that little anymore. It is funny, someone asked me if I could iron the other day? I just laughed because member when your mom gave you 25 cents for each piece of clothing that you ironed just so we could go buy some red dinosaurs… man those were the good old days eh? I love those red Dinosaurs I cant find them anywhere here. I am at work right now and it is very hot out. I am sweating. Just the way I like it. LOL! It is gonna be crazy being back in Canada. All My friends have babies and even Katheren is having a baby now. I will have no one to party with. I guess that means it is time for me to grow up too eh? But I am not having any kids.. That I am still sure of.. I am sure you are laughing now.. And So I will leave you with that thought! I love you Rhea and Miss you tons. Although I am a horrible friend who doesn’t call or write. I still have you in my prayers and think of you daily! Love always Nina

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